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Hello [Apr. 18th, 2013|09:33 pm]
Practice a foreign language


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Basic Info
Name: Beatriz
Mother tongue: Spanish
Language I'm learning: English, Italian, German and French
Skill level: english advance, others Beginner
Can people contact you if they want to practice your mother tongue? Yes!

Pen pals
Email address: Feel free to request!
Kik messenger: Ebmme

Anything else about yourself you'd like to add:
I am trying to practice and develop my English, Italian, German and French, please talk to me!

[User Picture]From: lauramaria2
2013-05-07 11:01 pm (UTC)
I am not sure how to message on here, but I followed you on twitter and if you follow me back, I can direct message you on there so I can request your email? My native language is English and I am looking to practice my Spanish. I am a high school student from the United States.

No se como escribir mensajes aqui, pero te he "follow" en Twitter y si tu me "follow" tambien, te puedo escribir en Twitter para solicitar tu email? Mi lengua principal es el ingles y quiero practicar mi espanol para no perderlo. Soy una estudiante de colegio en los EEUU.

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